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Graham Brockington - Founder & Managing Partner

I grew up as the middle brother of a happy family in Southern California.  My parents taught us the value of hard work and in always doing the right thing.

I dedicated myself to academics and sports growing up and was fortunate to be admitted to Stanford University and to earn a spot on the varsity golf team, the defending NCAA Champions.  My teammates were highly accomplished players, but I worked hard and won the team's Most Improved Player Award 3 times and became a key contributor in the starting lineup my senior year.  I tackle all challenges the same way - work hard and get a little better every day. 

As the assistant coach of the team after graduation, I learned how to lead and build a team that we were proud of, winning 2 conference championships in the process.  Several of the players I coached are now on the PGA Tour.  I believe building great teams takes skill and experience and I have been a part of great teams in both business and sports.  

In my business career, I have been fortunate to work with some of the best businesses and people around.  I moved to New York to work for Deloitte's Strategy team and crafted business plans for $5B - $15B businesses, helping them grow and gain market share. 

After UCLA Business School, I worked for Beachbody, a leader in health and wellness, and helped take the company public in 2021.  While at Beachbody, I led multiple teams and worked on multiple M&A transactions.   

While many of my colleagues are pursuing a more traditional career, I have chosen entrepreneurship because I love building high performing teams and making an impact on others.  If you are a business owner who is ready for the next step, please reach out.  

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I have always been lucky to have great people in my life.  I met my wife Ali in 2017 and we have been inseparable ever since.  She keeps me smiling and is always finding fun things for us to do. 

Our daughter Bella came in early 2021 and chasing her around keeps me in shape.  With her walking and talking, we can't wait to see what the future holds.

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My team is made up of entrepreneurs, operators, and investors, all with significant experience.  They are an incredibly accomplished group who have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs like me to find and run great businesses. I am fortunate to have them advising me and to have access to their capital for the purpose of buying 1 great company.

Read below for more detail. 

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Aspect Investors is a private investment firm with a unique approach to investing in the lower middle market. Aspect partners with entrepreneur-CEOs who seek to acquire and operate growing, profitable private companies with revenues of roughly $5 - 50 million – chiefly, via the traditional Search Fund model.

The firm has deep expertise in Search Funds and related entrepreneurial acquisition vehicles.


GJ King & Will Bressman are Co-CEOs of RIA in a Box. RIA in a Box is a financial services firm that provides the leading number of registrations and ongoing compliance services to RIAs (Registered Investment Advisers) throughout the United States.  Together, they have grown the business substantially over a 10+ year period.  

GJ & Will both hold MBAs from Stanford's Graduate School of Business.


Housatonic is a private equity firm investing in high growth, recurring revenue service companies operating in a number of industries.  Since its founding in 1994, they have invested in over 90 companies and currently have $1.4 billion of committed capital under management.

Housatonic takes a long term approach in partnering with outstanding management teams to help build their companies into industry leaders.


Kent Weaver is Chairman and CEO of Progressive Home Care, a California-based healthcare company. Previously, he held executive positions for a VC-backed marketing automation startup, as a regional CFO and business analyst in Pepsico’s Pizza Hut Division, and as a consultant at E&Y.

He received his MBA from UCLA and a B.S. in finance from USC. He is currently a board member for several companies, including VRI, Discovery Outsourcing, & Data Fusion Technologies.


Lacey Wismer leads Hunter Trust and has been investing in search funds for over 10 years, making over 50 investments. Lacey is a Co-Founder of Women’s Search Network, a group formed to encourage more women to consider entrepreneurship through acquisition. 

Prior to joining Hunter Trust, Lacey was a healthcare investment banker at Deutsche Bank with an emphasis on M&A in healthcare services. Lacey holds an MBA from Stanford GSB. 


Maven Equity is a private investment firm led by Neal Jacobs and is focused on search fund investing. Prior to founding Maven Equity, Neal was a partner and co-portfolio manager at two public market investment firms, Cambrian Capital and Bodri Capital Management. Neal started his career at Goldman Sachs as a financial analyst and also held a number of operating roles at Jamcracker, Inc.


Next Coast is a venture capital firm and search fund investor run by a team with significant experience in investing and operating businesses.  

Dustin Sellers ran one of the most successful search funds to date, while Anthony Walker and Tatiana Gaspar spent years investing at Goldman Sachs before transitioning to search fund investments at Next Coast. 


The partners of Riviera Capital have worked together for over 20 years, and have been active in search funds since 2003. Their journey began at Fortune 500 companies before founding a venture funded startup and then becoming self-funded searchers and operators. 

Today they form true partnerships with their entrepreneurs and work to preserve existing business owner legacies while creating enterprise value.


Ultima Search is run by Sam Hyde and Steuart Botchford. Sam and Steuart met while earning their MBA at Michigan University and formed their own search fund after working in consulting for McKinsey & Bain. 

They acquired and operate North Star Fertility Partners, a fertility clinic group in Boston and have been growing the business for over 5 years.  


Search Fund Partners is a private investment firm and one of the earliest search fund investors. The firm prefers to invest between $1 million and $2 million in its portfolio companies with enterprise values between $8 million and $20 million, EBITDA between $2 million and $5 million and revenues between $5 million and $30 million.

Search Fund Partners was founded in 2004 and is based in Menlo Park, California.


Tom and David have been business partners for over 30 years.  Together they have run many companies including American Security Products, a leading manufacturer of high-security safes, and Nelson Nameplate Company, a manufacturer of membrane switches and product identification. 

They have invested in over 130 search funds, partnering closely with exceptional entrepreneurs.  


TTCER Partners is an investment partnership established by key founding team members and investors in Asurion, the world’s leading provider of technology protection and support services for mobile devices.  TTCER draws on a long history of operating and investing together to advise and collaborate with entrepreneurs with whom they have developed strong relationships. 

They invest only their own personal capital with a goal to drive superior long-term returns and help the leaders they work with build and grow enduring companies.


Bill Egan has backed several of America’s leading growth companies in the IT, life sciences, and communications industries. He is also past President and Chairman of the National Venture Capital Association and is an owner of the Boston Celtics professional basketball team. 

Mark Egan has made many growth equity investments in the tech, healthcare, media and business services industries.  Bill & Mark have been investing in search funds for over 20 years.   

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Call or email me.  Your email will not go into a black box.  I will reply quickly and would love to hear about your business!


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